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Mirrors of Anguish
by R.P. Kraul

Jill leaves behind her life as a  journalist  in Rochester to settle her mother’s estate in Belcorte, a town in the Pocono  Mountains  sprinkled  with  the  victims  of a serial  killer  known as  the  Indianhead  River  Killer. Purportedly,  this  person  knew  her  grandfather, himself a college professor, political ax-grinder—and perhaps a murderer.

Twenty-seven years ago, the police found in Grandfather’s Victorian house the mutilated body of a missing teenage girl and evidence that he had aborted the girl’s pregnancy. The case, in fact, is similar to the Indianhead River Murders. Was Grandfather once the Indianhead River Killer, and the current killer, his apprentice?

As she unravels her grandfather’s past, Jill discovers that she is connected to the Jarvingses, the affluent family of her grandfather’s murder victim. Was there  a feud between her grandfather and the Jarvingses, one that evolved to revenge and murder? The investigation leads Jill to a shop in Philadelphia that may possess a trunk containing the aborted fetus of  Grandfather’s murder victim. As Jill closes in on the truth, the Indianhead River Killer closes in on her.

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